In Love With Black Ankle Boots <3

Posted by September 12, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, LIFESTYLE

Another Monday just started here in LA: It’s still so warm and feels like summer all the way. My last week was filled with jobs and adventures, but especially the weekend turned out to be super exciting: On Saturday, I went to Long Beach to visit a friend of mine for the first time in her home. I didn’t expect that place to be so far away, it took me almost 1,5 hours to get there and I was stuck in traffic – hello, LA! My Uber driver was super lovely though so we chatted a lot during my travel. Sedona, my LA girlfriend already planned the whole day since she wanted me to feel like a total tourist taking a guide around the area. I didn’t expect Long Beach to be so pretty. It’s filled with many cute stores around every corner and I couldn’t resist to buy a cute silver ring since it’s basically my favorite jewelry to wear ever. After having the best vegan Thai food I’ve ever eaten in my whole life we decided to stroll around a bit and discovered a small ice cream store close to the beach where all my ice cream dreams came true! Guess which flavor I picked? Mango – freshly made and frozen right in front of me. Topped with strawberries, I took my cone and we walked for miles on the endless beach while watching the sun go down. With a super filled belly I couldn’t wait to order my Uber to go back home but guess what, the price was exploding! 85$ for a ride back home? No way! I decided to wait a little bit and lucky me got home for 30$ bucks in the end. Since I took an Uber Pool I had the chance to unintentionally go on a little adventure on my way home: On Saturday night, I explored one of the sketchiest places ever – Compton. We dropped a girl off there and fortunately nothing happend, even my Uber driver complained about that place afterwards. So in case you’re ever coming to LA, trust me and please just never visit Compton.

It’s getting a bit colder at night already (even here in LA) so my perfect outfit would basically be a skinny jeans combined with boots. They are my favorite shoes ever since they’re super comfy and also fashionable, I’m not that kind of girl who’s wearing stilettos everyday so why not stick to boots instead? These ones are by Tommy Hilfiger from Humanic (online you can also find the Suede edition!) and super easy to slip in. To round up the look I love wearing  a classic black leather jacket – because sometimes we all want to feel a little bit of Rock ’n’ Roll, don’t we?

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