Long Bob – The Latest Haircut Within The Celebrities

Posted by August 2, 2016 - Fashion, Trends

If you are one of those who has always had long hair and never had the courage to get a crazy haircut you should keep on reading.

We know (from experience) that although you are tired of repeating you would never cut your hair off and that you cross on to the other side of the street when you smell hair salon (just incase!), there is always been a shy voice inside your head trying to convince you to DO IT. Cut it off, cut it off, it says, right? We know! 

Since we know it is actually hard to make the decision we have found the perfect solution for you. A perfect haircut that is now trending within the Hollywood based celebrities. This haircut will be a definitely change of look but will not be as scary as a normal change of style would be.

The solution to the voice in your head is a Long Bob. Not short, nor long, perfecto! It is now time for you to stop freaking about your face shape and any other types of fears that are stopping you of looking like a top celebrity and REMEMBER, it is not forever!

The long bob allows you to be much more fresh during this warm month of August and it will give you extra strength to survive your summer at the office in the most glamorous way. Haircuts are instant shots of self-esteem and self-confidence. This specific hairstyle has a very elegant and feminine touch that will make your summer tan look even chic-er if styled following our tips.    

This hairstyle also has a very mature thing going on that we believe make it even more professional and down to earth whilst giving you a very new and modern look.

Celebrities like Jessica Alba, Alexa Chung or Victoria Beckham are already rocking it out there and they could not be cooler.


The Long Bob consists of a very simple and straight cut with its length staying always close to the shoulders. The length can slightly vary up or down but we suggest to keep it to the shoulders. This will also allow to be able to style your hair up if you miss your long hair styles.

Here are some pictures of the latest celebrities rocking the Long Bob. We are looking forward to seeing many more Long Bobs on the streets during the end of the summer season. So keep calm and get a Long Bob haircut!



Pictures via Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Pinterest and Elle.