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Posted by October 29, 2014 - Music, Pop Culture

The scruffy SoCal garage grunge trio Tomorrows Tulips formed in 2010 when guitarist/vocalist Alex Knost needed a break from his band Japanese Motors. Inspired by Pavement and the ’90s underground in general, Knost wanted to make something a little less rocked-out and a little more bedroom D.I.Y.



Tomorrows Tulips make songs that The Jesus and Mary Chain would have been proud of; distorted guitars and slow, rhythmic drumming. However, as the set progresses, their real influences make themselves known. The bass gets higher in the mix and the guitar evens out into a chilled, ‘I’m Waiting For The Man’- esque groove. Tomorrows Tulips create the kind of washed-out landscapes that Swim Deep‘s pretentiousness prevents them from doing so.

Their third studio album, ‘When’ released on Burger Records, t is a natural transition from their previous releases, still retaining their fuzzed-out, soft noise garage sound. They might be wallowing in restlessness and waiting to be happy again (at least according to their songs) however they are proofing that they are one’s to watch live and certainly not too introverted and melancholic to be infectious.




Watch the NSFW video for Baby & Glued To You below:

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