A Line of Handcrafted Luxury Surfboards by Beats by Dre

Posted by July 23, 2014 - Design, LIFESTYLE

A beautiful new surfboard was created by the firm that has created products for Beats by Dre, Williams Sonoma, WIMM and others -Ammunition.  In collaboration with Jason Tilley they have designed a limited edition line of handcrafted luxury surfboards for Octovo travel products brand and accompanying custom tailored carrying bags worthy for such a board. It is all part of their mission to provide “Beautiful tools for connected travelers.” They call them the “world’s most luxurious surfboards” with starting price of €2.230,00.


This limited edition board includes five board shapes: egg, mini-simmons, swallow, the fish and longboard- all of the shapes are designed for different conditions. All the boards were made using “Tilley’s methos” of combining custom milled wooden skins and hand-shaped foam. This ensures they do not ding and dent like traditional boards making this a good long term investment. What makes them so beautiful is the ombre painted finish and two tone design with natural wood finish. We would even put this surfboard in our apartment as a piece of art, instead of leaving it in a garage after a surf season!

surfboard_beats_by_dre_trendsylvania_3 surfboard_beats_by_dre_trendsylvania_4surfboard_beats_by_dre_trendsylvania_5surfboard_beats_by_dre_trendsylvania_6

To check out their site HERE or watch this cool video to see a part of the process:

You can purchase this surfboards HERE!

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