Do Like Beyoncé When Life Gives You Lemons: Make Lemonade

Posted by April 27, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, Trends

Beyoncé surprised the entire world when she dropped her new album Lemonade. The release caught everyone off guard and unless you have been living under a rock, you are familiar with the one-hour long visual masterpiece that incorporates her music along with spoken word poetry. It is being hailed almost unanimously as a piece of creative genius. We could not help but swoon over Beyoncé’s gorgeous style. What particularly caught our eye was the amazing lemonade colored dress in the video for ‘Hold Up’. 


The dress that appears throughout the video is a beautiful shade of sunshine yellow that is completely on trend for the season. Try these styles if you are looking to incorporate a little more lemonade in your life:



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Images: Dazed and Confused