LFW: Your Cup Of Inspiration Is Ready

Posted by February 22, 2017 - LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE

It all comes down to London when we speak about street style and unique fashion. London has a special thing going on in its streets that’s makes pretty much everyone forget the rain and jump into a whole new level of creativity in terms of fashion. The street style looks are just superb, uncommonly cool and very London style. However, not only are the street looks amazing and incredible, all the events happening inside the fashion week are also pretty spectacular and they always manage to set a very high bar for Milan who is usually next on the list of fashion weeks around the world.

This years LFW was full of new and lush looks once again and to make the whole week even prettier, London was sunny as ironic as it may sound. This made the streets of central London shine and glaze like we had never seen before. However, lets concentrate on the looks. We got to see a bunch of influencer, fashion professionals and all types of people form the creative industries wearing what made them feel best. We managed to hold ourselves back and choose our favourite snapshots although it was a difficult task because anything coming form the heart of the British capital deserves a spot in our collection of highlights. No matter what you are thinking of, in terms of fashion, London’s got it all. You name it, London has it.

So it is now time to grab your cupotea, now more than ever really and enjoy these very Londoner street style looks to finish your day with a big chunk of style and fashion inspiration.

LFW_double2 LFW_double3 LFW_double4 LFW_double5 LFW_double6 LFW_double7 LFW_double8 LFW_double9 LFW_double10

Images via The Outsider, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar