Let’s Have A Picnic!

Posted by July 23, 2014 - Design

There is an art instillation slowly growing across the swiss countryside- it is the start of what plans on being the worlds largest picnic blanket. Over the summer this year BIGNIK has already had about 1,500 picnickers come and enjoy the fresh air and relaxing atmosphere of a picnic.



This project is only growing too. Right now it is about 3.5 acres which seems huge, but is only about 4% of the projected size. By 2040 designers are planning on it being 132 acres. You are definitely going to need a lot of feed to feed a picnic o that size!


BIGNIK  is the brainchild of Swiss brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin, who started to collect red and white blankets, curtains and towels in 2012. They then started sewing the textiles into 15X15 and attached to the larger blanket by velcro. The blanket is built bigger and bigger every summer with the help of volunteers and put away during the off-season.

Via Notorious-mag.com