Let Us Introduce You To Marlies Plank

Posted by September 10, 2015 - Things We L@VE
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In each issue, Trendsylvania and HUMANIC present an artist or a creative person that enlightens our life with their work. This fall, we’ve met the multimedia designer Marlies Plank. Extraordinary Marlies has a great story of a dream that has come true. Let’s read it in her own words.

I would have probably referred to myself as photographer three years ago. I have snapped pretty much everything over the course of time – starting from weddings to pregnancy portraits; sometimes also concept photos and documentaries. At some point, I decided to try something new and work more with graphics, paint and collages.

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At the beginning, I hardly dared to show my work to anyone. However, three months after putting some of it online – also one collage with butterflies – I received a call from Valentino. They told me that they really wanted to work with me and particularly liked my butterfly collage. It’s been shown in several Valentino collections and there was also a second collaboration.

What job description I have now exactly, remains unknown. Maybe photographic designer that sometimes creates patterns, is the most accurate definition. But what’s really important to me is working on projects that give me a certain amount of freedom.

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Marlies, whatever you are – a graphic artist, an illustrator, a photographer – you are extraordinary, always!