Lena Hoschek Gets Your Summer Swingin’

Posted by June 21, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE
Lena Hoschek

EN PROVENCE With Lena Hoschek

Lavender fields, old abbeys and a salt-tanged air breeze… the Spring/Summer 2016 collection by Lena Hoschek was inspired by the beautiful landscape in the south of France, the Provence. The region is best known for it’s mediterranean and romantic flair, which reflects in a certain attitude, a way of life, but also in fashion. Lena Hoschek took up this joyful mood and created a whole collection including blouses, dresses and skirts induced by it. 

Swinging Skirts

Some extra attention has to be paid to the stunning skirts from the collection. The flowing and swinging models spread so much fun with their charming designs, that your mood will immediately lift up after putting them on. The different models vary in colors, styles and shapes so picking one favorite is not possible. 

Which Shoes To Pair Your Lena Hoschek Skirt With?

While pencil-style skirts, worn with high kitten-pumps, will make a convenient business look, flared models with sandals are just perfect for summer weddings. But the possibilities of wearing and pairing this skirt-shoe combinations are endless! See our selection of skirts AND suggestions for which shoes to pair them with. Aren’t these couples like made for each other?


Ribbon Skirt mon chéri + Unisa Sandals

Lena Hoschek 1


Petti Butt Skirt mini fleur + Lazzarini Suede Flats (on Sale now!)




Kelly Skirt fleur creme + Pat Calvin Leather Sandals



Étoile Skirt navy + Guess Suede Pumps



Foulard Skirt bandana red + Alisha Leather Pumps (on Sale now!)



Lena Hoschek

Pictures: Olga Rubio Dalmau for Trendsylvania