The Top 5 Layering Styles You Have To Try Now

Posted by October 14, 2016 - Fashion, Things We L@VE, Trends
Layering Trends

Trends are not always about specific pieces of clothing, patterns or colors.. They can also be about HOW an items is being worn. These are usually just small tricks, but they can make a huge difference in the perception of a look. You don’t know what we are talking about? Think for example of the way you carry your purse. Do you hold it in your hand, dangle it in the crook of the arm or rather throw it over your shoulder? The impact might not be mountain-moving but still - the fashion practiced eye will notice. 

The trending styles that we are telling you about today, all have one thing in common: They are about layering. This fall, layering has been brought to a whole new level with this 5 different ways how to wear one piece OVER an other.


1. The T-Shirt Under The Dress

Because this trend is so huge, we already reported about it some times ago in an extra post. It was a great new thing in summer and is definitely being adapted for fall. While it might not be the light slipdress from warmer days, the It-Girls from Instagram and Street Style beauties reach now for thicker materials and finish the look with ankle boots. The only requirement is, that the dress needs to be sleeveless!


2. XXL Sleeves

Sleeves of shirts are getting longer and longer! It’s been a trend giving a glance of the down part of the shirt from under your jumper since last winter, now it’s the sleeves that get all the attention. What might sound a bit messy, can look very sophisticated when the sleeve lengths of the shirt and the upper piece are well proportioned.


3. The Jacket Over The Shoulder

Leather jacket, bomber or vest: Anything that is usually put on buttoned, is now worn casually over the shoulders. With buttons (or zip) open this style à la superhero cape is extremely cool because its casual look gives the impression of being super busy but also chilled about it at the same time. The secret formula here is, to approach it simple, which means one style at a time.. Blazer over shirt, bomber over sweater, coat over turtleneck.


4. The New Corset

No, you don’t have to lace in like Marie Antoinette (or Kim Kardashian), because the new way of wearing a corset is casual and easy. The waist version corset of 2016 is not worn under, but over the clothing. It is also not laced tightly, worn with a loose thin sweater, blouse or dress underneath. The combinations can be playful and give an edgy and arty feeling.


5. The Jacket Half Way Down

An other way of wearing your down jacket or bomber is, to wear it off the shoulders. Halfway zipped up in the front and halfway pulled down in the bag, this style is primarily adopted from the Acne and Balenciaga runway shows. It’s again a very casual style, that gives this ‘undone’ impression – looking extremely stylish without putting any effort into it.


Images via Style Caster, The Zoe ReportGaleries LaFayette by Getty Images