László Sacher – Men’s First Choice

Posted by April 4, 2017 - LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes
László Sacher

László Sacher, the Hungary-originated  brand, is specialized in the production of classic, sewn-welted shoes. Their products address all enthusiasts of footwear in high quality – in both, processing and materials. The premium shoes are being made in traditional Goodyear- and double stitch manner by experienced craftsmen in a manufactory close to Budapest.

So let us tell you a bit more about this precious pieces of fashion…


One of the most important requirement for making valuable shoes is the use of best-quality leather. The upper of László Sacher’s shoes is made of Boxcalf and Boston leather. Both being natural products, they maintain special properties as resiliency, breathability and  abrasion resistance. All these characteristics help to promote the elegance, comfort, fitting and persistence of the shoes.


Crucial for the perfect styling is the conjunction of the upper and the sole. At László Sacher, two different ways of making are introduced. The Goodyear treatment, as introduced by Charles Goodyear, is a way of mechanical sew-welting that makes it specially resistent against water, dust and other influences. The double stitched shaping is similar, with only a difference in the final look of the shoe. Here the seam is visible, which makes the models a bit less elegant and more casual.