Last Minute Halloween Tips For Tonight

Posted by October 31, 2016 - How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE, Survival Kit

OK, the time has arrived, so let’s turn the serious mood on. No second thoughts allowed and most importantly, NO TURNING BACK. Today is the night of the dead and the “staying at home” option is not a possibility, PLUS; who wants to stay home alone on such a scary night? So let’s go through the Halloween must-have list, shall we.

Clearly you have no excuse, we got you all covered. The night of the dead is only once a year and we would like to see everyone on the streets, parties or meetings out there rocking their outfits like the bosses that you are.

So we thought it would be great to give you some extra last minute Halloween tips on make-up ideas, outfits and other interesting related stuff. We believe that a good make-up design could pretty much do everything tonight, hence why we have found the easiest and quickest Halloween make-up tutorial on the internet. However, we have also found an awesome Halloween inspired collection by H&M that we strongly believe, could just match perfectly with our make-up ideas.

So as promised, here are the easiest make-up tutorials out there and accordingly some of the best pieces you could wear tonight.

Easy Make Up Ideas:

Best Pieces:



H&M Skeletton Onesie


H&M Themed Sweatshirt


H&M Black Transparent Dress


Guess Booties


SMH Block Heel Boots


SMH Black Ankle Boots

Finally, last but not least; how about a Halloween inspired soundtrack for the pre-party? This list will not only make everyone get gooses bumps as soon as they come through your door, it would perfectly match your awesome Halloween snacks, with a good glass of your favourite booze to start the scariest night of the year with the right foot.

So this was it for the night of the dead this year, just one more thing…beware everyone, stay safe and Happy Trick or Treat!

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