Lady Gaga Smashed It At The 2017 Super Bowl

Posted by February 6, 2017 - Music, Videos

Last night the clocks and most of the world stopped to watch Lady Gaga perform during the most awaited time of the year for all the sports addicts and American Football devotees out there. Last night was a night of emotions and goose bumps, since not only did the the New England Patriots offer one of the most astonishing come backs of all times but Miss Lady Gaga also presented a beautiful show full of lights and incredible moments that we will definitely become part of the American Football history.

Lady Gaga opened the halftime show standing on the roof of the NGR Stadium in Houston, Texas, signing God Bless America surrounded by drones that strategically created the American flag floating around her in the air, in a full Versace Atelier outfit – We know, it is a lot to take in! Like this was not enough, she then performed an incredible and breath-taking free fall into the stadium and as expected, landed like the boss she is. The whole show continued without a slip up, the dancers and extras holding the lights on the floor new exactly what to do every single second of the show and Miss Gaga once more performed to perfection. She offered three different outfits starring sparkle and shine as the stars of the look.

Lady Gaga set a very high bar that made pretty much the whole world proud and left everyone clapping by themselves for what must have been hours completely dazzled and hypnotised, with what she had done. Lady Gaga offered a delightful, sweet and respectful show that reminded everyone what she is really made off. As we mentioned above, here are some of the best moments of the 13-minute-long show the New Yorker born actress/singer/songwriter offered the world last night in Houston. Thank you for this spectacle Miss Gaga!


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