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I’ve realised I haven’t worn skirts too often lately, so I decided to change that and, in this outfit, opted for my black, knee-length pleated skirt. This piece is a true allrounder and can be worn with everything, from simple cotton shirts to silk blouses to cashmere jumpers. I paired the skirt with a light-blue denim shirt and a slightly boyish, oversized coat by Drykorn. The only remaining question was: which shoes should I wear? The obvious choice would have been a pair of ankle boots, but somehow, after trying on two different pairs, I didn’t like the look of the whole combo. Since I’m not very resistant to the cold, loafers weren’t an option either. In the end, my good old Dr. Martens made the cut. I love these lace-up boots, I remember I got my first pair when I was eleven or twelve years old, so this is already my fourth pair. They are really comfy after you broke them in, plus they keep your feet warm and dry even when it’s snowy outside, just impregnate them before you first wear them. Humanic offers a variety of Dr. Martens, from patent to floral to snakeskin pattern ones. One thing is for sure, you can never go wrong with these lace-up boots and they will last you for a long, long time! 

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