Kylie Jenner Hypes The Comeback Of The Puma Suede

Posted by July 21, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes
Puma Suede Kylie Jenner

The History Of The Puma Suede

Launched to the market in 1968, runner Tommie Smith was one of the first wearing the PUMA SUEDE sneakers. He started a hype that had been taken over quickly by Hip Hop and Breakdance culture and became a fixed part of it. Often styled in a sporty way, with tracksuit bottom, bling-bling accessories and basketball tee the hype climaxed in the 80s, with both, sportspeople and street fashion taking over and fully embracing this trend. 

Until today, this shoes are more than just pieces of clothing. They are a cultural artifact and a must-have in every sneakers fan’s collection. 


…And Its Comeback

For their Fall/Winter 2016 collection Puma relaunched its classic sneakers and it is as cool as ever! For the comeback, Kylie Jenner, youngest sprout of the Kardashian clan, jumped up on the project and collaborated with Puma as testimonial for the Suede sneakers. 

The timing for the return is just perfect as the Hip Hop and Street Culture Trend is one of the hugest fashion topics this fall and winter. The new Suede Classic Mesh comes in its traditional silhouette with suede leather upper, a breathable mesh stripe under the lacing part and its iconic grippy rubber sole, which reminds of New York’s Basketball fields. 

Of course, this shoe is not fixed to an over-all sporty Hip Hop style. We can’t wait to create different looks around it, either with a dress, sweatpants, a bomber jacket and many, many more items (but definitely also with sweatpants ;)). 



So, the only question that is still open: Which color to get?


PUMA Suede Classic black


PUMA Suede dark blue


PUMA Suede bordeaux


PUMA Suede black 




Puma Suede off-white



PUMA Suede black