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Hey hey! Along with the beginning of spring and the blooming flowers (despite the 3 days of annoying rain) we’d like to present to you one of the most promising and colourful couples in the street art scene: Kruella d’Enfer and Akacorleone.



Young but not so foolish, in their mid-twenties already featured in cities all over the world like Paris, Antwerp, London, Bristol, Barcelona, Salvador, and Bangkok just to start. They have exhibited with names like McBess and Ugo Gattoni among others.  Impressed? You should be… but there’s a reason for it. We’ll get you in touch with these two inspiring Portuguese souls.


Angela Ferreira 25, a heartbreaker born on Halloween is a natural born trouble maker. She’s that kind of girl that doesn’t need a reason to laugh and she does it often. In my opinion the most fascinating thing about her work is the fact that she’s never constrained to a fixed style or track, it’s all about freedom! She just gives us this feeling that she has a blast doing her work. Inspired by the strange, surreal and all the complexity that surrounds us, her fascinating pieces either on a wall, fanzine or an album cover will always drag you to an awkward blurriness but at the same time to a world of colours, positive vibes and freshness.


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Pedro Campiche 28, artist but also part-time gangster with night shifts as a gagger twice a week. He will take your soul with no mercy with his sharp and smart sense of humour. With a strong street art background Pedro is heartily dedicated to his work and no longer can be targeted as illustrator but rather as a visual artist as he has mastered different sorts of techniques. We already chose our queen in the doodling scene (this goes to you Hattie Stewart) but we were still missing a king, thank you Pedro for occupying the throne.

Leute; we introduce you to the world of Good Taste, Pure Skills and Hard Work:





Some pictures of his last (aaawesome) exhibition in Lisbon “Find Yourself In Chaos”:




See more chaotic stuff here.

Brands touched by the grace of their work: Carhartt, Nike, Sony, Timberland, Pepe Jeans, Volkswagen, Mini, Chilli Beans, just to name a few…

Cool stuff to check:   / - Pedro’s website and tumblr  / - Angela’s website and tumblr

Well… we have THE couple with taste of lemon sweet when hearts like theirs meet. Secret of success for these two? No secret – hard work and kissing in the moonlight!



Hope you love them as much as we do!

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