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Kitty & Co. By Charlotte Olympia

 Everyone who is interested in high fashion labels recognize Charlotte Olympia as a brand selling shoes with a sense of humour. I am not going to hide that I’ve always associated their designs with very popular kitty flats and I’ve wanted to buy them for a really long time – it’s just a little gir’s dream but you’re never too old for them. It couldn’t get any better since Charlotte Olympia just launched a new capsule colecction containing eight pairs – seven pairs of ballat flats and one pair of creepers. What’s the most amazing element in here? Every pair of the beautifull kitty flats has it’s own mood! You can wear the cheeky kitty, clever kity or even pretty kitty and show your personality!

charlotte kittens

1 – Cheeky kitty, 2 – Superstar kitty, 3 – Clever kitty, 4 – Festive kitty, 5 – Love kitty, 6 – Pouty kitty, 7 – Pretty kitty

 kitty_trendsylvania_1 kitty_trendsylvania_2 kitty_trendsylvania_3

By So In Carmel