KENZO Collection For H&M

Posted by November 3, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE

Kenzo does not tend to do things little and they always like to stand out with their wildness. They go all the way, every single time they jump into a new project and the results are ridiculously awesome. Earlier this year for instance, they created a ferocious campaign for its latest perfume, Kenzo – Le Noveau, which left everyone exhausted of only looking at the campaign and this new collection for H&M is definitely not least.

The new Kenzo collection for H&M is on sale from today and it gathers every single Kenzos particularities. The collection offers a very wild, fun, colourful and from our point of view, very 80s look. The animal prints and shiny touches, just make us think of those old beautiful 80s looks that we (millennials) sadly did not get to enjoy at the time. However, we do have the chance to enjoy them now, thirty years later and we sure promise to do them justice and rock them like our parents did back then.

The whole collection would be on sale from today online and in stores and we would suggest you to hurry if you are hopping to get several pieces, because they are too beautiful to stay on the shops and they will run out quickly. We are personally in love with two of the items. Those black boots with red or green rubber sole and the floral black kimono. Simply PERFECT!

So we have collected some of the look book images for you to get into the whole wildness of Kenzo and some of the best pieces this collection will be delighting us with.

A little bit of wildness never killed nobody, so stay wild and cheat on Humanic with some Kenzo for H&M items, we will forgive you this time.

KENZO_double KENZO_double2 KENZO_double3 KENZO_double4 KENZO_double5


Best Pieces:


Jungle Sweater / Pattern Dress


Kenzo Themed Shopping Bag


Floral Top / Animal Print Shirt


Pink Bow Hat / Floral Blue Hat


Black Boots Colour Sole / Pink Animal Print Boots


Floral Kimono


Blue Purse / Orange Purse

Pictures via Fashionista and H&M