Kate Middleton: The Clutch Secret

Posted by January 10, 2017 - Fashion, Things We L@VE
Kate Middleton

Did you ever notice, that lovely Kate Middleton is never wearing any other bag than a clutch?  The Duchess of Cambridge seems to love the tiny, hand-held bags that provide just enough space for the very most important essentials. At least she carries hers for any official engagement. Wouldn’t it be interesting to get an insight into her bag closet, to see how many she actually owns? 

So, what is the reason for Kate always wearing a clutch bag for formal events, while in fact, it would not even be necessary for her to carry any bag at all? The reason is simple: William Hanson from Daily Mail explains “It is protocol that you do not extend your hand to any member of the royal family (blood royal or those who have married into the family) unless their hand extends first”. So as long as Kate’s hands are both occupied, she does not have to shake hands. And for the amount of formal engagements she is having, it is comprehensible that she is not keen on shaking hands a hundred times in a row. Clever Kate! On that note we can learn from the Duchess. Superimposing both hands on the clutch in front of you, smiling gently and nodding the head and you spare yourself a lot during the next big family get-together. This is also a very good trick for the flu season! 

See below a selection of Kate’s best clutch-moments of 2016 and get your own little purse – they are truly royal!

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Get Your Kate Middleton-Approved Royal Clutch!

Kate Middleton Clutches

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