Kate B.

Posted by February 13, 2013 - HUB

Age: 28 // Single (my realtionship status is: FASHION ;) )

Hi my darlings, I welcome you to trendsylvania!!! :) I’m gonna share my favourite secrets with you; make up, coffees, stores, SALE periods EVERYTHING a woman needs to know. Hehe. The most important thing is to be UP TO DATE 24/7!!!! Oh, and of course you can trust me, I really am a little queen when it comes to “name the world’s top designer labels”. I’ll teach you the trends of the upcoming seasons and give you a little chit chat ’bout your favourite stars. I really love Humanic, c’mon you just HAVE TO BE IN LOVE with their models AND their offers: SEXY brands for SEXY prices ;) kiss kiss

Kate thinks:

I like my money right where I can see it – ┬áin my closet!

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