K-Pop And Their Style Behind It

Posted by July 20, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Music, Pop Culture, Trends

K-Pop has managed to obtain millions of fans around of the world in the last few years. A Korean Pop inspired convention that start some years ago in California has now become a worldwide event gathering people who are into all types of music styles and has already been done in five other cities around the world. The idea of K-Pop has made many fashion devotees go crazy for their colourful styles and extravagant outfits.

K-Pop is all about the visual imagery. The crazier and flashier, the better! In their music videos we are always able to see a lot of different colours, lights and visual effects that create mad music clips.  Some of the most famous K-Pop artists and bands include CL, G-Dragon, Hyuna or BTS, all of them young artists who where born in the 90s. 

In terms of fashion and style, they tend to use totally artful varied styles and they are capable of going from the classic denim shorts to some crazy and surreal skirts. Colours and combination, (as weirdly as it may sound) DON’T MATTER! Anything matches and all colours look great together. It is all a matter of visuals and colours and thats exactly why watching K-Pop videos and music clips makes you temporarily addicted to it, all due to its colours and bizarre flashy effects.

The artists hair styles and colours are open to imagination, anything goes and it looks impressively cool!

On top of all these fashion facts, it has also become a trend within the K-Pop artist society and fellow followers to whiten their skin or be as white as possible. As you may already know, this has always been trendy within the Asian society but K-Pop is now bringing it back through their current fashion and music influencers.

Hadn’t heard of K-Pop before? We have very quickly started loving this peculiar music style and trends after digging into their world the last few days. Here are some pictures and outfits used by the artists while performing in their mostly over a million times visited music videos. 

즐기다! (Which hopefully, is Korean for ENJOY!)


Pictures via Pinterest, Shamyone Blog, Kpop-map, Kpopstarz.