Just Denim – The Trend You Will Love From Head To Toe

Posted by February 28, 2017 - Fashion, Trends
just denim

Denim is never out – the jeans fabric is always a big topic in the (high) fashion scene, either when it comes to different types or trends of pants or other ways in which denim is used. It’s versatility makes it a real all-rounder, so it even became a trend for business and office looks. 

How Denim is worn in 2017? In this season, we are going to have the over-all-denim-experience. Why? Because it is worn literally from head to toe! There can’t be enough denim in one outfit. Accessories as bags or hats, as well as garments and shoes come in blue jeans fabric and they are all worn together. While this may sound a bit like the revival of an overloaded 90s trend, the approach is totally different now: Styles are feminine and refined, more elegant and classy than they used to be before. Above all, what is most remarkable, is the shoes that come with the ‘Just Denim’ trend: apart from sneakers with wedged soles and elaborated slip-ons, High Heels play a major role! They are delicate and sexy and let denim (and it’s wearer) shine in new splendor. For Spring 2017 Humanic released a beautiful collection including all types of shoes that perfect the head-to-toe look!

HUMANIC_DAY4_F02_9486_4c_goldjust denim

Denim Shoes To Drool Over:


GUESS – High Heeled Sandals


GUESS – Slip-Ons


ALISHA – Plateau Heels With Embroidery


GUESS – Open Toe-Booties


OMG! – Sneakers


KATE GRAY – Sandals

Craving for more? Here you go!