Just Borrow

Posted by September 11, 2015 - Things We L@VE
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Yes, I did it again. For today’s outfit, I’ve borrowed one of my boyfriend’s garments. I decided to limit my shopping activities in September, and thus far, I’ve been pretty good. I’ve bought two pairs of sneakers, but both of them were on sale and total steals, so I just had to.

But how can you expand your existing wardrobe without constantly adding new stuff to your closet? The answer is pretty simple: just borrow!

If some of your friends have great style and are about the same size as you, you’re one lucky girl, because that means you can temporarily add cool items to your own collection and thus make your wardrobe more diverse. And, since one good turn deserves another, you can also make your friends happy by lending them some of your garments. That way, you save money AND act environmentally friendly by reducing your consumption.

If there’s no fashion-conscious friend in reach, take the nearest opportunity and raid your man’s closet. You probably won’t find any fitting pants there, but when it comes to shirts or jumpers, that place might be a true bonanza because tops look just great when worn a bit oversized! I’ve already borrowed the Mister’s shirt before in that outfit and ended up liking the turnout so much I knew I would revisit his closet sometime soon.

And so I did, a couple of days ago when we headed for a coffee and some errands and I snatched his super comfy Stefanel sweater. Paired with ripped denim, a sturdy leather bag and my beloved Miu Miu suede sneakers, it was the perfect attire for a cosy coffee date and a subsequent stroll to enjoy the sunny hours. 

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