Interview: Marina & The Diamonds

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Marina and the Diamonds returned with a new track, her first for almost two years! ‘Froot’ is the first piece of material to surface from the singer’s forthcoming third album of the same name, the follow up to 2012′s Electra Heart. It’s a dance-floor ready pop-smash hit, the track builds in intensity over five minutes, seeing Marina embrace more electronic elements than ever before but maintain her synonymously precise vocal style. Frock&Roll interviewed her at the beginning of her career & revisits her output up until now.

Obsessions – Marina’s first release from 2008

You went to lots auditions to get noticed by record labels, also one for a reggae boy band – are you happy that you didn’t make it through?

I am happy that I didn’t make it on any of those things. It really worked out for me in the end.

You didn’t have a manager when you got signed, do you think that made things more difficult or did you have any advantages from it?

Yea, I didn’t actually get one till last September. I did my record deal and publishing deal alone. And it wasn’t like an on purpose thing, it would have been far less stressful to have a manager. But I didn’t trust anyone who I met. And then I met my current manager now and I am glad I waited. I met like 23 managers. I know a lot more now than if I just had a manger from that of and I ultimately had a lot more control which made the whole thing more authentic, I think because I was in direct contact with fans and with press and everyone, I mean all came to me, so yea it was good. I wouldn’t have enough time for that anymore.

Lots of people came up with comparisons to Kate Bush, Siouxsie Sioux and Gwen Stefanie, was that weird for you and have any of them actually influenced your style of music?

I understand why journalists do it, especially with Kate Bush it’s the weirdest because I never listened to her and journalist think I’m lying or I did listen to her but I really didn’t. But you know it is what it is really.


‘Hollywood’ – relased in 2009 as part of her debut album

So you didn’t get influenced by any of them?

No I barely listen to music when I was younger, I did buy a No Doubt CD though.

Did you have any other musical influences?

I love Daniel Johnston, Metric, The Distillers, Elliot Smith- people who are more like alternative or indie.

You’re half Greek and Welsh, does that influence your music in any way??

The greek side is because my dad played a lot of traditional folk and classic greek music when I was growing up, so I think that inspires me more than the Welsh side.

You said that you are more inspired by Vivian Westwood than by your musical influences. Why?

Not really just by her but more by vision and by photographs colours and shapes, I just my senses are more simulated or touched by sight than by sound. I don’t know why. I just feel more excited by that than by listening to other musicians and I don’t ever think you should just try and listen to other musicians to pick up influences you should have inspiration in yourself and everyone has his own melody, most people don’t find it.


‘How To Be A Heartbreaker’ from her 2012 release ‘Electra Heart’

I’ve seen a picture of you on a fashion blog attending to the London Fashion week, do you agree with Hedi Slimane that there is no fashion without music?

I think it goes hand in hand because they’re both forms of expressions and that’s why they always co-existed

What requirements does one need to be in ‘The Diamonds’?

Oh I suppose you just have to feel the connection with the music or with the lyrics, that’s all you need.

Do you write your songs on an autobiographical basis or do you take your inspiration from other things?

It’s all autobiographical the inspiration comes from being what’s biographical but each song is usually half fiction and half-truth but I think most artists do that, so it’s definitely all true.

What’s your advice for writing a good song?

To make sure that the lyrics don’t just mean something good but they sound good the way that they roll of the tongue it sounds good and interesting and that it means and creates and image in the listeners mind.


Froot – lead track of Marina’s forthcoming album with a release date yet to be announced.

By Frock & Roll