The Importance Of The Right Shoes

Posted by October 9, 2014 - LIFESTYLE
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Do you ever get that feeling that it’s just not quite your day if you’re not wearing your favorite shoes? You would rather go home and change them, because somehow they just don’t fit with this Thursday? Well, Penelope Cruz feels the same.

A great actress, known for her feminine style brought an interesting and funny fact about the importance of the right shoes while she is preparing for a new role. It may sound weird, but first thing she always does is search for shoes that are suitable for her new role. She even went so far  as to claim that if she doesn’t find the right shoes for the character she plays, she can’t identify with the role! And you say shoes can’t make the difference? Ooooh, surely they can! We can’t wait for her new role,  and hope she will make a good choice with the shoes ;)


By Notorious Mag

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