My Husband, Me And My New Moccasins

Posted by June 23, 2015 - We L@VE Shoes
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Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was very nice, although the weather was terrible. I was in the city when it started to rain, so I found shelter in a HUMANIC shop, in front of the Opera! Detail: I was with my husband. No, he is not a conventional husband who sits in a shop looking bored to death, in contrary, he loves shoes.  I have to confess, with him I make my best purchases; the most expensive or just the real good ones.  

To make a long story short, my husband convinced me that I was in need of a good pair of moccasins - a classical camel color, to be  paired with everything, from skirt to trouser or shorts. Here is my new baby.

mokassin-sommer-trendsylvania-humanic-1 mokassin-sommer-trendsylvania-humanic-2

I was so excited with my new shoes that I left the store wearing them. And It started to rain again…damn it!


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 Photos courtesy: Vogue