How To Walk In Heels Without Pain

Posted by July 23, 2014 - We L@VE Shoes
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How are some women able to wear heels all day? After about 10 minutes I am ready for a foot massage- but like the lady I am I endure the pain anyways. Turns out I don’t have to though!

A little tip for alleviating pain and pressure on your foot is to tape your third and fourth toe together with some simple nude medical tape. It’s discrete and it really helps! Also remember the ticker the heel the better! Sometimes a certain dress just calls for stilettos and that cannot be avoided on certain occasions but if you are going to be wearing them everyday opt for a bit thicker of a heel.

Thin sole options will also give your foot pain, so look for one with a tick sole and maybe a bit of a platform to reduce the stress on the ball of your foot. Those over the counter ball of the foot inserts also really work! Generally oval shaped and made out of silicon gel, this little investment will go a long way in your foot comfort! Now that we have that settled here are so cute heels you can wear all day and all night long:

Gamloong  €39,95


Högl € 140,00

Högl Black Pump

Jeffrey Campbell €89,95


SMH € 49,95


Buffalo € 99,95


Högl € 140,00


Alisha € 79,95


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