Skip The Diet! How To Dress Skinny (With Flat Shoes)

Posted by November 4, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE
dress skinny with flats

The optical stretch of the silhouette is one of the many advantages that special ways of dressing can offer us. We know that there are tips and tricks, ways of playing around with your wardrobe, that can highlight or conceal different advantages and disadvantages of the body. The most common trick to dress skinny is to reach for high heels. But what about those of you, who are not the biggest fans of walking at a high altitude? Well, we got your solution because flats can replace this stupid dieting as well as heels!

The essential thing is to team your flat shoes with the proper garments. If you follow our little tricks you will see how easy it is to achieve the stretching effect of high heels even with flat soles.

Here you go, with our 3 tipps on how to dress skinny with flat shoes!

1. Flats + Short Skirt

With a short and preferably flared skirt, the legs are exposed and optically extended! The only rule here is, that the seam ends above the knees. Same applies for dresses!


Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-03 um 15.29.26


The Kooples Short Red Dress + Buffalo Ballet Flats

2. Flats + Free Ankles

Ankle-free pants or jeans and sneakers make a great combo, which is not only very stylish and cool, but also figure-flattering. The ‘short’ trousers give the impression of a longer body, or legs.


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Topshop Boyfriend Jeans by BoutiqueConverse All Star Chucks

3. Flats + Black

Head-to-toe-black always works if you want to look slim and tall. Patterns and prints can easily appear bulky whereas monotonous looks can work wonders when it comes to cache some kilos. 


Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-03 um 15.05.16



Nümph JumpsuitVabene Slipper

Images via Style Du Monde, Elle UK