How To Choose Shoes When You Are Pregnant?

Posted by July 20, 2014 - We L@VE Shoes
pregnancy shoes

With pregnancy, the right shoes are always crucial.  You’re surely not gonna wear your highest high heels but you also don’t want shoes to be all about comfort. And we found a way to strike a balance. Follow these tips to enjoy your favorite fashionable shoes even during pregnancy!


1. Recognize Your Abilites

If you are not that good at walking in high heels, don’t choose pregnancy as a time to start rehearsing. High heels can really be challenging so it might be better to opt for different shoe styles. Wedges give you height, and kitten heels are just cute. Know what works well for you, and own it nicely.

2. Comfy Trends Will Suit You Better

Good thing about ballet pumps is that they look good and they aren’t going to constrict your feet. Similarly, go for brands that are well known for accommodating comfort. This can mean Toms, or even Converse. If it isn’t usually a shoe type you would wear, just think outside the box to work it into your outfit.

3. Style Over Fashion

Real truth is – sometimes is better to choose ‘style’ over ‘fashion.’ Trends come and go, which means that pair of shoes you won’t usually wear is going to be useless to you in a few months when you’re not pregnant. In contrast, stylish shoes may continue with their uses! Even better, you can use them for subsequent pregnancies.

Be brave and listen to your body & feet! You deserve to stay stylish during pregnancy too! :)