Home Decorating Tips For Those Of Us On A Budget

Posted by February 25, 2015 - Design

Home improvement endeavors can take a lot out of us, especial in the wallet – the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Everyone is entitled to a beautiful home, and it doesn’t have to be a long and inconvenient process either. Cleaning and organizing go a long way but we have some simple and inexpensive tricks to totally transform your living space.

Paint An Accent Wall

IA_int_red_bedroom3_600x440Photo via benjaminmoore.com

Painting an accent wall will let you see your room in a whole new light. It is like clothes for you wall, so even if you do not have too many wall decorations like frames or painting, an accent wall will prevent you room from looking so bare. 

Throw Away Anything You Don’t Need

modern-swedish-living-room-interior-design37Photo via blog.brandsexclusive.com

It will surprise you just exactly how much you do not need. If something is not beautiful and does not serve you any other purpose   toss it or give it away!

Do It Yourself!

IMG_0001Photo via blog.freepeople.com 

DIY projects are fun and can save you loads of money. There is a stereotype that DIY can be a bit tacky, but done right, there are plenty of super sophisticated projects out there. 

Get Eclectic

wonderful-apartment-decor-eclectic-on-apartment-with-eclectic-decorating-ideas-interior-designs-interiorsdecoratorsPhoto via housebeautiful.com/design

Eclectic designs are the easiest to pull off, because it is all about collecting. It is more important to mix than match making it easier to replicate in your own home. It has a lot of personality and anyone can do it!


dining-room-living-room-bedroom-artistic-flying-birds-silhouette-design-wall-decal-with-high-quality-white-bacgroung-painting-and-extraordinary-black-paint-for-draw-swallow-bird-with-white-comfortabl-922x768Photo via houzz.com

Now that you have decorated, its time to make that house a home and customize it with all of your favorite things!