Hello rainy days!

Posted by September 12, 2014 - LIFESTYLE, Trends
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Checking the weather in the morning and never ever wanting to leave the warm and cosy bed again. Sounds familiar? Rainy days are taking over Europe and all we can do to fight this shitty weather is to put on some awesome rainy-days-clothes! Not an easy task as often you have to choose between functionality and appearance. But don’t worry, we have a lovely selection of our favourite raincoats, umbrellas and Co to make your life easier during these horrible weather days.

Look 1:


Look 1: coat by Topshop Unique, umbrella by Lulu Guiness, boots by Buffalo

Look 2:


Look 2:  umbrella by Lulu Guiness, shoes by Hunter, t-shirt by Zoe Karssen

Look 3:


Look 3: jacket by Rains, bag by Max Mara, shoes by Dr. Martens

By Broken Cookies