Some “Handy” Secrets On What Your Gloves Say About You

Posted by January 16, 2017 - Austria, Fashion, Germany, LIFESTYLE

It’s January, it’s cold and it’s snowing, this means that your pretty gloves play a huge role due to the fact that your poor fingers would not survive the winter without them. It is important to treat the fingers well since they are going to stick with you until the end of times, so comfy and soft gloves are the perfect solution to treat them well.

Apart from this, were you aware of the fact that gloves actually speak about you and say a lot about a person? Yes, such a small accessory, CAN and DOES speak about you. You had never heard about this before? No worries, we will do a short recap on the different types of gloves and what they actually say about you.

Leather gloves

These types of gloves usually bring us back to the old times, where ladies would wear them in the chicest ways combining them with beautiful coats and furs. Nowadays, these gloves are still on trend and should always be present in a woman’s winter closet. However, what they say about you is that you are a classic lover and a working woman. You are feminine, elegant and strong. Leather is an old classic and it shows that you really care about your feminine hands and general beauty. gloves

Woolen and Mittens

The wool type are perfect for cozy evenings. Woolen gloves would match perfectly for a cozy Sunday in the woods, they are also perfect to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate on your terrace. What they say about you is that you are having a relaxed day, you are a laid back person and love to enjoy real moments that make you happy. Keep enjoying the moments!


Ski Type Gloves

The truth is that these are always practical. They keep you warm and are super comfy. However, these type of gloves are clearly sporty and that is exactly what they say about you. Sporty and active. Always on the move and ready to sprint somewhere. These gloves fit perfectly with sports people who are always planning their next run.


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