Halloween Mood ON – Best Pieces To Buy

Posted by October 7, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, Trends
halloween best buys

Its October everybody and Halloween is only around the corner and we have got to be ready on time. It is true that we only started celebrating Halloween some years ago, but it is now a very expected date and let’s be honest right now; it promises the best parties in town – You crazy party animals! In order to get ready for Halloween and start planning our darkest and scariest outfit we will put together some of the best buys out there. Just in case you are not feeling too inspired about the whole theme, here are some of the new runway trends that will awake your ghostly and dark side.

October, if you are in beautiful Vienna like us; is the perfect month to start wearing some cool booties and rocking them with some sassy tights, if you are in the south of Europe however; forget it. Stick to your bikinis and beach bags, we will freeze for you. As a consequence, we believe a cool Halloween costume should by all means include one of the following booties.



1. Vigneron Velouleder Boots 2.Unisa Manco Boot 3.Guess Boots 4.SMH Textil Grey Pattern Boots 5.Alisha Velouleder Boots 6.Kennel & Schmenger Short Boots 7.SMH High Heel Boot 8.Vigneron Velouleder Boot 9.SMH Grey Boot

If you are planning on wearing some other costume that requires a different or more classic type of footwear, here are other designs that could also match a spooky (but pretty) Halloween look.



1.Peter Kaiser Lisana 2.Michael Kors Callahan Loafer 3.Tamaris Slipper 4.Vigneron Velouleder Ballerina 5.Maypol Abba

Regarding your chosen outfit; a Halloween look should be planned in advance in order for it not to look like an unfinished Dementor outfit (Yes, we are HP freaks) and there are some very cool buys that you can already start having a look at this weekend and slooowly start organizing your rocking and scary combinations. Remember; Halloween is about looking SCARY, since some people look like they may have forgotten and unfortunately stand on a complete different page (You know who you are!).

So as we promise, here are some of the best buys for this years Halloween outfit. We will check up on you later on in the month to make sure your SCARY (Remember, stick to the plan!) outfit is on track and update you with some new booties to combine for your chosen look. Turn your Halloween mood ON and start planning your perfect outfits today!

Claires Black Flower Hairband

Mango Black Sequin Trousers

Zara Lace Tunic Blouse

H&M Bat Theme Dress


Kiko Milano Intense Blue Nailpolish

Teaser Image via Pinterest