7 Hairstyles So Easy And Chic – You Can Even Do Them On Mondays

Posted by January 20, 2015 - LIFESTYLE

In the morning we all love to give ourselves an extra 15 minutes to sleep. That is why we are such a fan of these simple but stylish hairstyles. So, if you are going between washing check out these looks… and even if your not, they still work for everyday looks!

1. Upside-Down Half Bun

This no fuss hair style is truly a morning hack. It looks much more complicated than it actually is – all you have to do is put your hair up in a half ponytail then tuck around the end to create this look.


2. Braid in Braid

If you know how to braid this will be done in a snap! All this is is a smaller braid towards the top and around the neck, you simply just gather the rest of your hair to turn it into a bigger braid. It’s a look that will make it seem like you have some serious skill, it’ll be our little secret how simple it actually is ;)


3. Bobby Pin Art

When you just can think of anything to do with your hair, do it with your bobby pins! Create simple geometric designs to give yourself an intriguing new look. And the good thing about this hairstyle is that it works for any length hair.


4. Messy Low Buns

Perfect if you haven’t been able to brush your hair since Saturday. The snarls will actually work towards your advantage and give you more volume – just keep in mind this is supposed to be a messy look.


5. Barely There Braid

Make a small braid with lots of volume for a barely there look.


6. Connect the Braids

Pull your hair back the fun way by connecting two smaller braids – it is simple and very cute and will automatically make you look fancier.


7. Voluminous Low Pony

Get the volume with a bit of dry shampoo to lift the roots and back comb just a touch to get the poof to stay. And voilà there you have it an elevated pony that’ll look good even if you aren’t running late

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By Notorious Mag