Guess Who’s Back In Austria

Posted by November 28, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE

What a week! I spent the past week saying goodbye to basically everyone I met in LA. Also I said goodbye to some places who are special for me. I went downton to eat my favorite vegan ramen once again. I went to In’N’Out Burgers one day before my departure – and ate too many burgers. And drank too much Dr.Pepper. I took a very deep breath in Venice and felt the salty ocean breeze again. I did some touristy shopping during the week for my family and friends. They all have some cool Cali inspired shirts now. I took pictures of places and of people. I said goodbye to parts of LA which are important for me. So as you can see, the whole week was all about preparing for my journey back home – physically, but especially mentally.

I took a plane to Munich on Saturday evening, I guess it’s the best time when it comes to the issue of having a jetlag. Almost one full day later (including the time difference) I am standing on Austrian soil again. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s foggy. Winter is coming! But you know what? I am back home again, back to the roots, but let’s skip the melodramatic part and talk about fashion now… I am looking forward to wear my knits again. And a scarf! And a jacket! This is probably the most colorful outfit you’ll ever see me in. The pants caught my eye a while ago and I just needed to go for them. It’s a special color – it’s warm, brownish but with a hint of red and camel. Also, the pants match perfectly with my bag. And it’s cold, so I need proper shoes now – no more open heels for me! My black boots have a little bulky heel. Typical for me, right? They’re a mix between grungy and elegant, that’s why you can combine them with basically everything. Think about wearing a dress with tights with them, but you could also go for a cropped boyfriend jeans with a white shirt for a relaxed outfit of the day. Woolen socks would also look lovely here, especially in a statement color. HUMANIC has some very simliar ones here, for a heeled version have a look here. Seriously, I could do online shopping forever. The upcoming week will be all about organizing things, getting rid of my jetlag and getting used to the weather. You’ll see some proper winter looks on here soon.

xx from Austria,  


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