Grey Cashmere Beanie And Mohair Jumper

Posted by November 27, 2015 - Things We L@VE

So I guess winter has finally arrived. How I come to this conclusion? Not only am I freezing, I’ve also spent the entire week in bed, sneezing all along and not being able to speak due to my super sore throat.

But what if you have to go outside after all? Like, when you need to shoot an outfit that of course shouldn’t consist of your pyjamas, thick socks and your bare face, red sniffy nose included? Well, you bundle up. I’m really thankful for this year’s trend pieces, as chunky knits and oversized coats are what’s fashionable right now.

The grey jumper from H&M Trend (unfortunately sold out) is probably the warmest one I’ve ever owned, and the mohair makes it extra fluffy. I’ve already worn the jumper once in this outfit ( and it’s likely to become my favourite knit piece for the cold season. My oversized wool coat was not enough to keep me warm, so I added my beloved soft cashmere scarf ( and beanie (, both from COS, to the mix. As my grandma always says, you need to keep your head warm, and she is so right! I never go out without a headgear when it’s cold. 

On my feet: my new constant companions, the Céline Pull On sneakers, that I scored on super sale and that haven’t really left my feet since. Except these last few days when I had to stay in bed, of course ;) They have quite a thick sole, and if you put some lambskin inlays in they are warm enough for current temperatures.

Wishing all of you a great weekend, and please stay fit and wear your layers! 



By: We Are Stardust