Goodbye David Bowie – We Will Miss You

Posted by January 11, 2016 - Music, Pop Culture

Very sad news got public today: David Bowie has passed away. The 69-year old singer, artist and multi talent had suffered from cancer for quite a while. In the end he lost this final battle on sunday. As one of the greatest and most influential pop musicians of the last decades he was an idol to whole generations. But it was not merely his music that inspired people: The person of David Bowie himself, the spirit he radiated with the help of characters like Ziggy Stardust, his winsome craziness and his funky yet honest character made him the hero he has been appreciated as. 

It was just some days ago that his last album “Blackstar” came out in celebration of his 69th birthday. Now, that the news of his dead hit the world, we feel like we lost a good friend, a brother, a father. It is not exaggerated to say that with David Bowie, we have to say goodbye to one true great legend. We will definitely keep this weird, crazy guy in mind and still tell our grandchildren about him. 

And one thing is for sure: in our hearts he will always stay alive. 

Here’s to you, Bowie!


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