Learn From Gigi Hadid – 4 Ways Of Self-Defense

Posted by September 23, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, Survival Kit
Gigi Hadid

Fashion Week is not always just about glamour and fun. This is at least what Gigi Hadid had to learn the hard way. Yesterday, when leaving Max Mara show at Milan Fashion Week, the model got ‘attacked’ by a guy on the streets. The man came from behind, grabbed her waist and lifted her up.  Before the bodyguards could intervene, Gigi herself knocked him out by punching her elbow into his face. 

As it turned out later, the assailant was a know celebrity hunter. He caused sensations in the past by disturbing Will Smith, Kim Kardashian and Miranda Kerr, who he kissed on the cheek. 

Later, Gigi posted a statement to the incidence on her Twitter account:

GIRLS, prepare yourselves so that, if you ever feel in danger, MUSCLE MEMORY can fight back for you. Thank you all so much for ur support.


We want to take Gigi’s advice and start preparing ourselves against unwanted touches. This are our 4 tipps for how to self-defense in the worst case:

1. Pepper Spray

It’s the number one self defense weapon amongst girls. It can be bought almost everywhere, even on Amazon, but better be careful: As pepper spray is real weapon, you should also know how to use it. And misuse is penalized!

2. Taking Classes In Self-Defense

Easier said that done, but believe us: It is worth it. Self-defense classes for women are a one-time investment that you will take profit of for the rest of your live. (Also, this classes are REALLY fun!)

3. Other Weapons For Self-Defense

Besides pepper spray, there is a huge amount of other devices, used for defending oneself against violent attackers. There are tasers, keychain weapons and many others. Before buying one of them, getting the profound informations about handling and legal regulation is highly recommended! 

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Act!

When it comes to the worst of all cases, you have to act quickly and confidently. For that you definitely also need to be mentally armed. Boost your self-confidence by reason yourself, imagine to get attacked and ‘plan’ your reaction. If you find yourself walking home late at night, feeling followed or watched by someone, take steps like changing the side of the street, calling someone with your phone and try to walk on more lively streets. AND last but not least: SCREAM! In shock most girls forget to, so for many assailants a loud scream is already enough to be routed out. 


This Is How Gigi Did It – Hands Up, Girl!

222.650-1Gigi HADID attacked by an unidentified male in MilanGigi HADID attacked by an unidentified male in MilanGigi HADID attacked by an unidentified male in Milan

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