Gift ideas for him & for her

Posted by September 19, 2014 - Things We L@VE

Birthdays, Christmas, weddings, anniversaries, … all these events are wonderful, but the time before can be very stressful and the present haunting just exhausting. At least for us it sometimes is, as after being together for quite a long time, it get’s more and more difficult to find the perfect present. We have picked our current favourite gifts for her & for him and want to share them with you!

For him:

  1. Scratch map: One of his goals in life is to visit every single place on this planet? Then that’s the perfect gift for him! On this map he can scratch out those countries, that he has been to and get an extra motivation-kick to travel more.
  2. Fly a plane yourself: At some point, every boy dreams about becoming a pilot. Get him a voucher for a special plane ride. He will have the possibility to fly the plane himself!
  3. USB fridge: For all the boys out there who love to spend time in front of their computers. USB + fridge for your drink  = pure happiness!
  4. Lomo Konstuktor: If he is a photography fan, then that’s a great gift for him! First he has to build the camera himself and then he is ready to go and get awesome shots of you. :)
  5. Rocket tea infuser: yeah, it might sound very unnecessary to own a rocket tea infuser, but believe me, he NEEDS one of those. Just to feel some extra superpowers … or so … :)

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For her:

  1. Dinner in the dark: Sounds a little bit spooky, but can be actually a lot of fun. You can’t se anything, you have to rely on your ears and your feelings.
  2. Teddy phone case: This Moschino Teddy phone case is beyond adorable. Your girlfriend thinks the same, promise!
  3. Monkey tea infuser: Just like the rocket tea infuser for him, that was mentioned above, a monkey tea infuser might seem like a silly present. But who doesn’t want to have a cool monkey in his tea? Yes, thought so …
  4. Panda mugs: Again cuteness overload. Plus it’s for her and him. Also a great present for couples.
  5. Back-up iPhone charger: 100% battery is just never ever enough. NEVER. It’s good to have a back-up charger that would actually fit into every little purse.

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