To, Uh Oh, Those Summer Nights

Posted by March 31, 2015 - Fashion, Trends, We L@VE Shoes

Summer is almost here, all right maybe there is still a couple of months until summer, but as well prepared as we are, we already found you the perfect shoes to wear this summer. There is probably nothing better than laying poolside or at the beach and getting your fabulous tan. But of course in those days of doing nothing-all-day we can’t forget to look as fashionable as always. Here are some of our favorite pieces to wear this summer. 



For The Poolside 

There is a lot of choice for the poolside. You can decide for comfortable flats or platform heels. So if you more of the glamorous type of girl go for hot high heels and take all of those eyes on you.  A fabulous dress and a cool pair of cat sunglasses will make you rock the poolside. You go girl! 

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-30 um 17.06.51

1. 8981620850718_1422810074_1_387880.png2.8983128801310_1342817850_1_395581.png3.9000309587998_1422810935_1_459547.png

 1.Unisa 1422810074 99,95 Euro 

2.Gamloong 1342817850 49,95 Euro 

3.Tommy Hilfiger 1422810935 79,95 Euro 



For The Beach 

I don’t think there are many rules at the beach. Wearing a lot of colors or just white or black? Who cares? The point is to feel free and comfortable and have a great time. We picked out for you the most comfortable beach-shoes. Have fun!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-30 um 17.16.14

1.8991128387614_1802603120_1_425079.png2. 9008056172574_1442813557_1_491772.png3. 9008156966942_1442813550_1_492170.png

1. Birkenstock 1802603120 44,95 Euro 

2.Gamloong 1442813557 49,95 Euro 

3.Gamloong 1442813550 49,95 Euro