Get The Perfect Style For YOUR Body Type

Posted by April 14, 2016 - Things We L@VE

We all come in different shapes and sizes, that’s for sure. And there is certainly enough room for us to all look fabulous, the simple trick is to know what flatters you. By now we have all come into our own style are know more-or-less what looks best on us, but may not be sure that there is actually a science to this. There are some garments that just look better rather than others. This makes sense because most clothes are not made for one universal size, they are meant to be flattering for an array of different women,  and there are different ways different people should wear these pieces. The key is knowing which shape looks good on YOU. Too many times people struggle with what will make their body type pop – but it ends today!



If you are curvy with a small waist you will want to go for items that are belted because it really accentuates the midsection. Crop tops, pencil skirt, wide leg trousers, and wrap dresses should also become your best friend!



With an apple figure, you want to draw less attention to the waist by putting the focus on your legs and shoulders. That is why we suggest skater skirts, swing coats, and low waisted straight cut pants to really flatter your body.



A banana body is when you carry most of your weight in the middle with a thin lower body. The trick to finding the best pieces to flatter you is to accentuate the thinnest part of your waist with things like a bomber jacket, ruffled top, tapered trousers or a cut-out dress, this will make your bust and hips look larger and keep your proportions right. 



If you find most of your weight is in your hips, then you are a pear. To elongate your top half you should try an off the shoulders fit and flair dress, structured jacket, and boot cut trousers to bring balance to your look.