Get Fit Like A Victoria’s Secret Angel With This Workout You Can Do At Home!

Posted by February 26, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, Pop Culture, Things We L@VE
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You will want to watch this! This intense 20-minute workout is how Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio gets her signature sculpted body. This special calorie torching workout was created especially for her by the founder of Pilates Platinum, Heather Dorak and now she is spilling the secret with everyone! And the best part is there is no special equipment needed! 

It is never too early to start thinking about your summer body. After all, if you are anything like us in winter, when it is so dark and cold all the time and wear so many layers, it becomes very easy to neglect our body. Now that the sun is starting to come out and we are feeling the warmer days we are getting motivated again. There is nothing better than a good workout to get out of a winter funk – you will feel your energy come flooding back. And thanks to this video we found the perfect routine to try!

So grab some friends and start a workout group together or try it out on your own. All you need is a yoga mat and the right sneakers to start working out like an angel!




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