Get Faster With Daniel Ricciardo

Posted by April 6, 2016 - Things We L@VE
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Formula One is all about the need for speed, and Daniel Ricciardo knows all about that. Puma and Red Bull are teaming up to become #FasterTogether and that means running, charging and racing – but that doesn’t mean forgetting about appearance as well. Ricciardo is known for his style on and off the race track, that’s what makes him the perfect face of this campaign. He puts in the hours outside of the car to be a better driver, which requires a lot of focus and determination.

Puma has teamed up with many pro athletes in the past to become known as one of the fastest brands in the world. Along with the energy from Red Bull they are looking to reinvent the image of F1. They have collaborated on a line of shoes that have the perfect style for the team and racers alike. The power of these shoes have no limits!