Get Out Your Dirndl – These Are This Season’s Trachten Trends!

Posted by April 6, 2017 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE
dirndl trachten

Yes, it is that time of the year again: The ‘Trachten’ season is about to start in Austria, what means that we get to wear our favorite Dirndl again! There are now many upcoming occasions which are just perfect for wearing your chicest garbs out, either it is the first of May celebrations, some Kirtag, a visit at the reopened Heurigen or a traditional folk festival. The season is just about to start but it’s not too early to talk about this year’s garbs trends. 

Lena Hoschek’s Dirndls are probably the best examples for what is trending in terms of traditional Austrian garbs, as she is a leading designer of this metier (and needless to say also our favorite one). Her Spring/Summer 2017 TRADITION collection includes the most amazing dresses! This year, styles are more charming than ever. The length of the dress is short, with the hem ending at the knees or some centimeters below. More playful and very fresh and joyful are also the patterns and colors: pinkish and pastel tones come together with floral designs on loden but also lighter cotton materials. Thereby the antiquated reputation of the Dirndl has gone for good, while the style still remains traditional.

See some looks from the campaign; and below shop our perfect Dirndl outfit!

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1. VIGNERON Velours Leather Pumps 2. Lena Hoschek Cardigan 3. Lena Hoschek Dirndl 4. Die Wilde Kaiserin Earrings 5. Mühlbauer Hat 6. KATE GRAY Bast Bag


Images by Lena Hoschek