Germany Next Top Model Season 12 Starts Today!

Posted by February 9, 2017 - Austria, Germany, Things We L@VE, Trend TV, Videos

Germany Next Top Model is kicking of tonight and it promises a whole lot of surprises and amazing moments. Once again Germany Next Top Model will start airing on Pro7 Austria on Thursday nights to take us into the journey of 31 beautiful ladies who share a dream in common, becoming professional fashion models. The jury will count once again with the gorgeous Heidi Klum, the New York based, but German born fashion designer Thomas Hayo and the very talented Berlin based designer, Michael Michalsky. The contestants are 31 young girls that will be battling against 30 other girls with the same goal. They are all different and precious in their own ways and this would definitely be a great opportunity for them to start with their professional carrier as fashion models.

This new season will be the 12th edition of the show and they never fail to impress and captivate all of us with their adventures. Other seasons have left us with incredible and scary moments like walking on heights and we cannot wait to see what the judges have planned for this next season. However, we should be expecting some rules changes and some new challenges that will make the girls fight harder for their dream, but lets not reveal the mysteries and wait to watch it. In the meantime, we would like to show you some sneak peaks that Heidi herself has showed us on her Instagram account to get into the mood for tonight. Get your cozy outfit together and pre-plan your dinner because the countdown has almost reached its goal. From now on, you have a date with Heidi and its team every night. Let the show begin! 

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How about some dancing in shoes? Would you dare doing it as good as Heidi does? Here are some similar heels for you to start trying it tonight.


Images via Heidi Klum Instagram