Genius Uber Driver Makes A Little Cross Over Bag Have The Time Of Its Life

Posted by January 12, 2017 - LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE

New York has always been a concrete jungle where all the dreams are made off, Alicia could not have say it better. We all know and agree that New York, the city of lights and opportunities has something special, but what if we told you this theory applies to bags too? Crazy right? Well this is exactly what happened to this little cross over bag from New York on the night of New Years eve. While Mariah Carey was taking the big apple into the new year, this little black bag was having the time of its life.

So let us tell you exactly what happened. While everyone was enjoying the first few hours of the new year, adorned with tacky 2017 flashy glasses and champagne was running like water, the owner of this bag ordered an Uber. She eventually completed her journey with the unfortunate event (or not) of forgetting her cross over bag in the cab. After this, Miss Little Cross Over Bag started living a dream. She was given two little googly eyes by this genius cab driver, to make the experience even cooler. From then on, it was all fun and joy. The Uber driver photographed the bag in different places and different situations using the owners phone. After that crazy night of adventures the bag was returned to the owner safe and sound by the driver. When the owner checked her phone she discovered what a crazy night her cross over bag had been through and decided to share it on social media.

If you thought bags and shoes didn’t have a life and a little heart with feelings, here is the prove of it in pictures. Thanks to this creative Uber driver, we have been able to see another side of our fashion accessories. Enjoy!

uber_bag3 uber_bag4 uber_bag2 uber_bag    

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Images via Daily Mail