Posted by August 29, 2014 - Things We L@VE

During the last year, while we were both extremely busy with our final exams at university, sandwiches were our life-savers. We had them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack. No wonder that we got so sick of them, that we started to experiment. We tried out different types of bread (oh my god, there are SO many of them!), we changed the fillings, mixed salty things with sweet stuff and added an extra portion of salad here and there. Today we want to show you our favourite fruit sandwiches, that you might not expect to be as tasty as they actually are.

1. Strawberries/ walnuts/ cream cheese on German rye bread


You take either low fat or full fat cream cheese (depends on your taste) and put it on some German rye bread. Cut a few strawberries into flat pieces and place them on top. All you missing out on are some walnuts, that you crush into little pieces and scatter over the sandwich.

2. Pomegranate seeds / butter on sunflower seeds bread


First you need to put some butter on a sunflower seed bread. We would recommend to go for non salty butter, but try both and see what you prefer. Now cut up a pomegranate and take out the seeds carefully. If you want to safe some time, you can buy ready to eat pomegranate seeds in the supermarket (they are super fresh as well and taste exactly the same). The result tastes like butter with pomegranate jam but better and fresher (and healthier!). :)

By Broken Cookies