In Florence With My Humanic Shoes

Posted by August 8, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes

We were lucky enough to have a beautiful maisonette in a wellness hotel that was situated in the heart of Florence. 3 minutes away on foot from the architecturally stunning cathedral of Florence and no more than 10 minutes away from Florence’s most iconic sightseeing spot, Ponte Vecchio. At the end of July, temperatures are quite high in Florence but the city is small. That makes it easy to get around and do sightseeing without suffering from the heat. Besides, the streets are narrow and long, therefore you will always find some shadow. I went to Florence with my friend Edisa and those few days we spent together were the funniest days of the year. Girls just wanted to have fun in Italy. We were goofing around all the time and laughed carefree until our cheeks hurt. 

It was the second time in Florence for me so I knew more or less where things were and where to go. The first time was some years ago when I visited the city with my cousin. I really don’t know why I let so many years pass by until I got back to that charming little city in Toscana! I only hope it will not take me years again to return. This time we woke up everyday at 05.00 in the morning to be out on the streets around 06.00. I really wanted to see the city center empty and to have it all for me. Best pictures were taken when the sun was rising up and the light was soft and not harsh. On the last day of our visit, we treated ourselves to a body massage at the hotel, just to relax our tense muscles and unwind. After all, we deserved it after so much work.

Regarding my outfit, in the morning I was more casual and preferred flat shoes like sandals but in the afternoon we were heading back to the hotel to change and dress up for aperitivo and dinner. For that occasion, I wanted to be more elegant, therefore I opted for a white dress that I matched with my high heels from Humanic. A black and white ensemble makes you always look chic and matched with the elegance and romance of Florence. Don’t forget that. It’s always a good idea to match with your surroundings! 

Pictures from The Viennese Girl