Welcome Spring: 3 Types Of Shoes You Need To Wear Now

Posted by March 20, 2017 - Austria, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

We made it peeps. We made it through the winter and we are hysterical about the new season. Spring is a season of loosing layers, of love beginning to bloom again and some allergy outbreaks here and there, but is this not lovely? Welcoming the spring means that we get to wear dresses and denim jackets. New white tees and some colourful accessories that make us recover our faith in the summer. So because we are so over the moon (or the sun we should say), we thought we would look back into some awesome Spring Break 70s style memories and choose some awesome shoes to either jump on a plane and join a bunch of Spring-Breakers somewhere warm or simply to start the Spring with the best and most nifty shoes in town. 

City Style

If you are a city lover and you adore how the city centre looks and smells during the first days of Spring, where people are terribly excited to start showing their new outfits; you should definitely go for the City Style shoes. Here is the cutest bunch of shoes to wear while the flowers are blooming in the city.


1. Kate Gray Slipper 2. Walter Bauer Brogues  3. OMG! Sneaker 4. Alisha Slipper

Sporty Look

We all know Spring is a great time for some sneakers, we even introduced you to the sneakers you should be having a look at this year. So for all those sports addicts out there, here is a collection of the most beautiful sneakers that should start adding Spring to your closet.

1. Vans UA Authentic  2. Adidas Flashback  3. OMG! Denim Sneaker  4. OMG! Metallic

Beach Type

If you are going into Spring all the way with a sudden Spring-break trip to somewhere very warm where only flip flops and sun crème is needed, here are the shoes you will need this month. 

1. Maypol Saiflor  2. Maypol Salvia  3. Tommy Hilfiger Sandalette  4. Maypol Mosto

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