On My First Day In Paris For Fashion Week

Posted by October 12, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE
paris fashion week

It was Friday when I checked into my hotel in Paris. I was waiting for a friend to come pick me up from the hotel to go for a lunch together. I spent some time gazing at the busy streets out of the window thinking how lucky I am to be here again. My hotel room had an amazing view to the busy Rue Saint-Lazare in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris. My friend came a little bit later than expected because the sushi presentation she was attending lasted way too long. When she arrived, I asked her to take some pictures of my outfit, so that you can see what I wore during the first day of my visit in Paris during the Paris Fashion Week. Once we finished with the photos, it was too late for lunch. We ended up in an atmospheric Parisian bistro called St.Regis and we were starving to death. During our meal, the rain started pouring outside and we talked and laughed at our crazy lives and adventures. Later on, we decided to go back to our hotel by feet because when you are in Paris, you want to walk along the Seine at night, even if it was raining. Actually the rain made the whole scene even more dramatic. The city lights reflected on the wet streets, and we felt like we were playing a dramatic role in a black and white romantic comedy film. The days to follow would be busy and fun, filled with inspiration and excitement.

For my first day in Paris, I matched my trousers a la Marlene Dietrich from Oui with my black mid heel patent leather shoes from Humanic (online you can find similar ones here). Both pieces are made of top quality material and definitely gave me great comfort during the busy day. On the top, I wore a black belly shirt because I wanted to give the whole ensemble a more playful finishing touch and to make it look less like I was going to a business meeting. Whichever outfit you select to wear, these premium leather Hugo Boss shoes from the Humanic shop will ensure that you step out in style (as you always have to in Paris!). 


By The Viennese Girl